Mix Of Old And New

Happy Friday and welcome to the latest update on what is happening with the team at VRLatina! We have been extremely busy lately, as we are now filming in two different locations at the same time to try and bring you the best content we can get our hands on. Last week we released our latest VR porn scene with Miriam Prado. She has a cracking set of big breasts which in our opinion, VR porn was made for! So if you want to experience whats it like to make sweet love to a Latina with big tits in VR then please download it and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Miriam Prado and her big cum covered breasts

Last week we finished filming with two sexy women. One is new to porn and she is a super hot Colombian teen name Gaby Gomez. Her scene is out today and she really gave a great performance. She has a pretty face, a tight body and an amazing ass. Definitely don’t miss her scene! We get a lot of requests to try and find new hot talent and I definitely feel she is way up there. Last week we also filmed with someone who looks incredible in VR porn and that is Briana Banderas! She was amazingly horny during the shoot and I think this will be portrayed in the final production. Check back new week when her video will be live on our site.

Some other news which I think you guys will appreciate ๐Ÿ™‚ We are filming this weekend with two other beautiful women who we have had many requests for…. Silvana Reyes and Ximena Cruz! Both girls were really popular and each have their own unique look. Ximena has a really pretty cute face, but is deadly in bed and Silvana Reye is just pure sexy. I will let you guys have a sneak peak on the next blog update of how it went.

Ximena Cruz is back!

Finally, I’d like to thank the guys at vrpornmania who did a great in depth review of our site and gave us a great rating, putting us in the top 5 VR porn sites worldwide. Thanks guys! The full review can be found here on their siteย https://vrpornmania.com/vrlatina-review-test-latina-vr-porn/

Enjoy the weekend everyone and of course our latest vr porn scenes ๐Ÿ™‚

3 Replies to “Mix Of Old And New”

  1. Have watch your recent scenes. very much great stuff! love gaby, I vote you bring her back soon as possible. two other scenes shot at new location, scale seem maybe a bit big? or maybe just girls bigger? I dont know, but banderas ass sure look very big and good, love that!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yes we tried a few different things with Gaby to try and make it feel more real. She is a stunner.

  3. Back to Kourtney Love, it’s a hottie, a queen, I’d like a scene:
    My best friend Frank and his beautiful wife Kourtney Love, are celebrating their anniversary and they want to share it with me and my wife, we come to his house, we are in his living room drinking and eating snacks, my friend has problems with alcohol and Kourtney Love is beautiful with a dressed with a great neckline and her bare back, she is beautiful, her legs are beautiful and her ass is marked in a red dress, we drink and we are happy, my friend Frank is very drunk, he can hardly stand up, my wife also drinks a lot , but Kourtney Love is happy and laughing, the party and night is just beginning.

    2 hours have passed, it is already midnight. The wine is finished, my friend asks me to go to the kitchen for more liquor, then I go to the kitchen but Kourtney Love offers to accompany me, we come to the kitchen she uploads a small ladder to reach the bottles, and that’s when I can appreciate those beautiful legs and part of her tiny red pantie, I get excited and almost surprised by looking at her, she turns and almost falls, but I receive her in my arms, we stay looking for a moment and she says, Michael, we have to go, while she smiles, we go back to the living room, and we see that Frank is fast asleep, and my wife is about to sleep but she asks me for another drink, I give it to everyone and we will continue sharing and laughing, while I can’t stop looking at how beautiful Kourtney Love is…
    So, my wife, says Michael, it’s time to go, Kourtney Love is also dizzy, but she still looks beautiful and glamorous, she walks us to the door, thanks us for everything, says goodbye, I go with my wife to the vehicle, I open the door and I put my wife in the vehicle, she falls asleep immediately, I try to find my wallet, I can’t find her, I go back to Kourtney Love’s house to ask for information about my forgotten wallet, I ring the bell and she doesn’t answer, so I open the door, my friend Frank sleeps like a bear, but I can’t find Kourtney Love, he’s not in the kitchen, I go up to the second floor, nervous, and the half-open door to his bedroom, it’s Kourtney Love as soon as I get to his bed, I get very close slowly saying her name, she doesn’t listen to me, she’s very asleep, so her beautiful legs attract me, I try to touch her legs, I gently open her legs and look at her tiny red pantie, and her beautiful pussy vagina, I start to kiss her legs, I go up her knees and thighs, she unconsciously opens her legs, I put aside her pantie and slowly kiss her little pussy, she begins to moan and barely manages to say Frank my love, you know you can’t be drunk, now go to sleep, I keep licking her clit and she moans very sexy
    Oh love you do very well, how rich, she still remains with her eyes closed, I continue kissing and sucking her rich clit, she touches her beautiful tits and that’s when I see her cleavage open and take out some beautiful tits, pinch them, I keep sucking And enjoying her clit, I occasionally suck her ass, this drives her crazy, even she believes that I am her husband, with my hand I masturbate the cock and my other hand rubs her clitoris, I continue to suck her clitoris, I use stealthily to remove my pants, then she tells me

    Frank love, you do too, I had forgotten this, many weeks that you do not touch me, She only moans and touches herself with her eyes, they still remain closed

    Kourtney Love can’t stand it anymore and she asks me to penetrate her, I don’t think twice and I take her on the edge of the bed, I open her legs and penetrate her, she moans and asks me to kiss her lips, I continue penetrating the wife of my friend, when I come to kiss her, her lips are fire, kisses with tongue, wet, I kiss her breasts, and I lift her legs on my shoulders, is when she says

    -Frank, I feel your cock very big, thicker and tastier, I do not stop penetrating her, but she is very excited and opens her eyes, then the surprise

    Michael, Michael, hell are you?
    But what are you doing Michael, please stop

    -Forgive me Kourtney but you are very precious and I have always been in love with you,

    Even my cock is inside her, she surprised says:

    -But it is that you and my husband Frank, are good friends, I am confused

    Forgive me Kourtney but you are very beautiful and I will not stop

    So I keep penetrating, she tries to stop me

    -For Michael, this cannot happen, please stop

    -You want me to stop, I ask again, she doesn’t answer just moans, I keep penetrating her

    She doesn’t say anything just moans, moaning very rich

    -You want me to stop Kourtney, I see that you like it, do you really want me to stop?

    -Michael, this can’t be happening ,, mmmmm keep moaning,
    Then I kiss her mouth and tits, she couldn’t resist me anymore
    -Kournet you are a whore in heat, you are the whore wife of my friend

    -If Michael, I love your cock, it will be our secret, promise me, just one more time,

    she moans mmm that rich

    I put her in a puppy and I can appreciate that big and beautiful ass,

    My friend Frank does not deserve this beautiful ass

    Finally I end up in his mouth, and we fall asleep, it is 06:00 am, we both wake up because we listen in the distance, to my friend Frank calling his wife, she quickly picks me up and asks me to leave, I run away from the home without first kissing my friend Frank’s fucking wife goodbye.
    To be continue

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