How to download and play on your device


Oculus / HTC Vive 

a. Simply download the video.
b. Move it to an easy to locate folder that you will remember.
– Utilize one of the numerous VR Player Applications located either directly onto your computer (online download) or via Steam (HTC Vive) / Oculus Market (Oculus Rift).
– Ensure that the player selected supports “Over/Under” video playback.
– That’s it, Enjoy!


PlayStation VR

a. Install the “Littlstar” app from the Playstation Store and create an account.
b. Download the PSVR File and copy the video to a USB drive.
c. The PSVR File must be saved in a folder called “Littlstar”.
d. Plug the USB into your Playstation.
e. Open Littlstar from the “TV & Video” menu and select “Library”.
f. Find the file you would like to play in the list.
g.That’s it, Enjoy!


Samsung Gear VR

a. To view with the Samsung Gear VR simply use the “SamsungVR” App located within the Oculus App (this can be installed with the headset on or off)
b. From there you can either navigate to where you stored your videos on the Android Device or create a folder called “MilkVR” to keep it better organized.
c. This can be done on either the phone storage or an external SD Card.
d. Simply move the videos into that folder and locate them on the SamsungVR Application.
e. Select and enjoy!


Google Cardboard (iPhone)

a. Install ‘VR Player FREE‘ from the app store.
b. Download the movie you want to watch to your smartphone.
c. Open the ‘VR Player Free’ and navigate to where you downloaded the move, select and play.